Rechitskoe is beer that has been produced in Belarus since 1989 in a small town of Rechitsa. A number of Belarusian values have been sewn into the brand DNA: picturesque rivers and forests, beauty and generosity of the land, traditions and warm-hearted people. This is close to Belarusians: the men who make up the core of the audience love and are proud of their land and prefer native beer with a clear and light taste, golden color, and malt aroma.


according to the classic recipe and has a classic design. The company turned to dozen to improve the already good. We had to enhance the label attributes, add a costly characteristic, and polish the details. In other words, we had to keep the main thing, to emphasize the main thing with the secondary one, and to completely remove what was extra. The Rechitskoe project is a history of intricate changes, in which continuity and craftsmanship are important.


were the main attributes of existing labels. The stork is a symbol of the brand and Belarus as a whole. Landscape is associated with the natural origin of beer. Golden accents are a sign of quality and color of the drink. All these elements are important components of the brand, and it would be completely wrong to dismiss them. We did quite the opposite—have enhanced them, bringing the image of a stork to the fore. It has turned from an inconspicuous detail into an eye stopper: after abandoning superfluous visual solutions, it has become clear and noticeable.


in this case, to recognition :) If it was more of a silhouette before, now it has become an active element. It adds dynamics and depth to the design, attracting additional attention. Then we worked on the amount of gold on the label, turning it from a suit into an expensive and elegant piece of jewelry. If you look closely, you can now see the traditional Belarusian ornament in the outline. It has made the gold zone thinner but at the same time more noticeable. But in Zolotistoe beer, the amount of gold has increased which logically harmonizes with the name.


has processed every centimeter of the label. The collar and background ornament have changed, the colors have intensified, the beer medals have become richer, the name has become more expressive, a sprig of hops has been added, and a dozen more corrections have been made. All changes had one goal — to catch the eye of customers. They have to find their favorite drink on the shelves in a second and to find the right SKU in another second. And all this against the background of the correct brand image and values.


updating Svetloe and Zolotistoe, as well as creating Exportnoe according to the rules of the line. There were three packaging formats for each position — glass, a can, and a PET bottle. They are already on the shelves catching the eye. Rechitskoe customers have received an additional reason to be proud of their country. They have also got one more bonus — Find Ten Differences game.