This is what KABANOSY fans want: peppered, spicy, and bombalicious! They’ve been clamoring for it—at least, this is the impression Dmytruk got from analyzing their feedback. This how a new line we helped the company’s team create came to be. First, we came up with the name, BOOM, and then put a spin on it with the slogan “boombalicious power” in the ads. Building on the name, we developed a package—an effective and powerful vehicle for the message “the new product gonna make your taste buds explode”.


We decided to preserve the connection to the classic packaging. The architecture of the classic line is still there, but the primary color was changed from yellow to graphite to impart a premium feel. To further accentuate the flavor, we focused on the food zone. Flamboyant and hot, it contrasts with the dark background and promises spicy delight.


It is not just about color: we changed the texture of the package material, too. We went with a matted packaging and a glossy name on it—this way, it sure will catch the eye of brand devotees and new consumers alike. And everything we did worked just fine: we saw it with our own eyes during our visit to KABANOSY production facility.

The new BOOM flavor of Dmytruk’s KABANOSY was presented at Beermaster Day

and other events, and has already hit the shelves at the store near you, so be on the lookout for it :)