means literally ‘crushed nuts’ in Georgian. Also, it sounds like something meant to be eaten on the go. People would have eaten these tasty and nourishing Eastern confections on the go, if not for them being often sold in large bars, which are not that easy to bite off of or break. And then there's a problem of what to do with the leftovers. Therefore, our ‘sweetest’ client — Shpola Food Goods Plant that produces confections under the Jaivir brand — decided to launch conveniently packaged bite-size gozinaki.


was the bird-like name that we gave to this brittle made from sunflower and sesame seeds, peanuts, and puffed rice in confectionery syrup. We went with it because it's authentic, unusual, and closely tied to Jaivir's mascot bird. These bite-size gozinaki pieces are easy to pick (‘dziobaty’ in Ukrainian) while on the road or anywhere else you want, for that matter.


for Dziobky's packaging was a real challenge. We had to heavily post-process the photos to get that perfect look and make the gozinaki pieces neat and detailed.


are differentiated with motifs matching Jaivir's visual identity, albeit deviating from the master brand in composition and color. Hopefully, they will be OK, or, as the Japanese put it, daijoubu.